We are committed to becoming Missouri’s leading producer and Healthcare provider of medical cannabis.


SMA is composed of business and healthcare professionals, chemists, and botanists that utilize science and technology to bring industry leading ideas & standards to the new Missouri market.


We have implemented strict SOP’s and Good Manufacturing Practices that ensure all produced and sold cannabis products exceed Missouri testing requirements. This guarantees safe & superior medicine for all patients.


SMA’s individualized patient-centered approach values the health and wellness of Missouri patients. Through our knowledgeable team we empower our patients by providing an exceptional customer service that educates and creates a positive experience in this evolving industry.

About Us

Show Me Alternatives is a privately held company headquartered in Clarence, MO. Our team is composed of business and healthcare professionals, chemists, and botanists that utilize science and technology to bring industry leading ideas & standards to the new Missouri market.
 Show Me Alternatives (SMA) is the parent company to four legally licensed medical cannabis businesses that are operating under the brand COCO – A Cannabis Only Company.
 One manufacturing laboratory (COCO Labs) located at 211 Old Highway 36, Clarence, MO 63437
 Three licensed dispensaries (COCO dispensaries) located in Chillicothe, MO at 941 S Washington Street.
Hannibal, MO at 2000 US – 61 , and Moberly, MO at 106 N Clark Street
 SMA is devoted to producing and providing the most premier cannabis to the new Missouri market, while focusing on a patient-centered approach that gives each patient the most optimal experience when using cannabis as an alternative medicine.
 SMA is also a consultation group that is always willing to assist any person that is in need of help in navigating, fundraising or growing a business in the cannabis industry. You will find our company executives to be well versed and fluent in all regulations relating to cannabis. Please feel free to contact us through our website.

Meet Our Team

"Great things in business are never done by one person"

Brooke Foster

Chief Executive Officer

For the past 30 years Brooke has been an owner and operator of C&R Supermarkets an 11-grocery store chain located in Northeast Missouri. Brooke's incredible work ethic and unmatched business experience is the founding pillar to SMA and the bridging gap who is working tirelessly to bring premium quality medical cannabis to Missouri patients.

Sean Carriger

Chief Operations Officer

Born and in raised in Austin, Texas Sean has relocated to Missouri with a specific and deep knowledge in cannabis business operations. For the past 5 years Sean owned and operated his legally licensed cultivation and extraction lab in Oregon and Colorado.

Frank Montoya

Vice President of Manufacturing

A retired dentist and business owner, Frank brings immense experience of business operations management, data analysis, and operational challenges. He is responsible for ensuring that all facilities policies and procedures operate under a high quality of care and standardization.

Ethan Foster

Vice President of Business Development

A recent graduate from the University of Missouri with a degree in Plant Science, emphasizing in Breeding, Biology and Biotechnology. Ethan has a deep knowledge and experience in plant physiology and the cultivation and extraction of medical cannabis.

Skyler Thomas

Vice President of Quality Control

A recent graduate from the University of Missouri, Skyler has immense knowledge in human physiology and the internal systems. He is driven with a desire to establish a culture within SMA that is focused on serving an individualized patient-centered approached to the new Missouri medical cannabis industry.

Amy Thomas

Vice President of Human Resources

For the past 10 years, Amy has applied her extensive knowledge in Human Resource management including planning, implementing, and monitoring employee wage, benefit structure, and performance. Her drive to create a diverse and empowering employee culture will be instrumental in establishing SMA.

Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Vice President of Analytics

A former collegiate athlete and coach for a short time after his career, Craig played an integral part in the success of multiple nationally renowned programs. He will bring a broad perspective of establishing and building a productive culture. Off the field, Craig has helped execute quantitative research projects and has experience with data in the healthcare industry.

Anthony Loffredo

Anthony Loffredo

Vice President of Sales

Finishing up his degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Missouri in 2020. Anthony brings his enthusiasm for agriculture and passion for customer service to maximize his full potential in the burgeoning medical cannabis industry. Anthony is our point of contact for sales side of SMA and brings valuable experience from Illinois to our team.

Dylan Tampow

Vice President of Research & Development

A recent graduate from the University of Missouri, with a B.S. in Plant Sciences with an emphasis in Breeding, Biology, and Biotechnology. Dylan has experience in commercial agriculture where a lot of his time was spent as a plant microbiologist in disease resistant breeding programs. Dylan is well versed in different cannabis chemotypes and terpene profiles.

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